I’ve started a new project, photographing young girls.  I love photographing women but as women we seem to be critical of our own bodies.  We seem not be quite happy with how things are, then add a decade or two and our bodies change once again. So, I thought, what would happen if I photograph young girls before any body image issues start. Would this give them more confidence in how they look? Not that it is all about appearance but our society seems to put so much
pressure on this.  If a young girl feels confident in how she looks, would that confidence filter into other area of her life…the activities she loves, the sports she plays, the friends she makes? What would our world look like if girls/women can accept themselves and accept others for who they are? I think that world would be pretty amazing.

I photographed Taya, she was the first girl I photographed.  She is a sweet girl that radiates beauty is so many ways.  It was so much fun photographing her.

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